Talk With Your Realtor

The first step in the selling process should be speaking with a real estate agent. To receive accurate information regarding the housing market and worth of your house, it’s best to speak with a professional. Have them give you a detailed analysis of your property and any advice for your further preparations for a sale. It’s easy to overspend when getting your house ready for the market and your agent will help you create a strategic and economically plan. 

The Sullivan Group is dedicated to providing you with all the information and tools you need to properly prepare your home to list. 


It’s too hot to be outside all day anyway, so what a perfect way to spend the last month of summer indoors in the cool? Begin the decluttering process with one of Marie Kondo’s biggest tips: If it does not spark joy, thank it then throw it out! Create three different piles to sort your belongings into, keep, donate and throw out. You may also consider having a garage sale one weekend. Late summer weekends are the perfect time for a garage sale – the kids are back to school and families have taken their last vacation so more people will be in town looking for something to do on their days off. 

When you clear your house of clutter it makes for a more appealing space for potential buyers to see when walking through your first open house. People like to picture the space as their own so the less you have to clutter the house, the better! 

Pressure Wash & Paint

Consider renting or borrowing a pressure washer to wash away all the built-up dirt and dust from the sidewalk, stairs, and side of the house. It makes a huge difference in the appearance and will go a long way in helping your house show its very best when you list it. 

Another easy and relatively inexpensive DIY project you can do is giving your front door new paint color. Pick a happy color that will make your house pop. Additionally, you can add planters out front that will match your new door color to make a more cohesive look. 


It’s not always necessary to stage your entire house before putting it on the market however, it could be beneficial to stage some of the more popular areas of the house. These could include the main living room, kitchen and the master bedroom. Having these areas put together helps the buyer picture how they could arrange the house if they were the ones to purchase it. Depending on your budget, you can pick the rooms in the house you think would benefit the most from staging and which would make the biggest impressions on buyers. 


Keeping up with your homes basic maintenance can help you stay one step ahead during the process of listing your home. Chores such as changing the batteries in smoke detectors, replacing filters, spraying your home for bugs, etc. could suspend larger and more expensive maintenance issues. 


The end of summer is a great time to begin the process of selling your house and finding a new one. Getting your house ready and on the market, before we head into the colder months will help attract more buyers. This is a season when people are still out enjoying the weather, the days are still long and it is more likely that people will be out looking at houses. 

Are you ready to list your house? Get in touch with us about starting the process of selling your home before the end of summer.  Contact Us!

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